The 2020 Farewell run – Done :)

Well I actually completed it. My legs were still a little aching from yesterday’s run but today was Surges so plenty of recovery time

I started with a 5 minute warmup jog then 30 second run, 2 minute jog x 8 and finishing with a 5 minute cool down jog.

The weather was colder than yesterday but dry and still warm enough to run in shorts so on goes my music and off I go.

So all I have to do now is wait for my medal to arrive through the post and I will be a happy chappy.

Now what do I run tomorrow? It has to be a easy paced run to let my legs recover, Maybe a trail run would be fun.

I am still looking for a virtual run for January but not found one that interests me yet.

I have said it in a previous post but


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