400M Repeats

Ring or Kerry training run Day 2, 9% completed so far (11.7 miles)

400m repeats

I started with a 800m warm-up run at around 14:00 min/mile then went on run 6 lots of 400m intervals going between fast (8:50 min/mile) and Recovery pace (13:00 min/mile). I never checked my watch for pace though I just pushed myself on fast pace and went at a nice jog for the recovery pace.

My Garmin seems to be sending the steps I walk to the Conqueror App towards my virtual run, Not sure if I like this but I suppose it is a run / walk challenge it just feels strange to include it.

The Ring of Kerry

I have signed up for the above virtual run, 124 miles (not all in one go) around the ring of Kerry, I have a app that shows me where abouts I would be on the map if I was actually running in Ireland.

Today was my first run, 6 miles down, just 118 miles left.

We get postcards along the route and I received my first one today.

I only intended running about 4.5 or 5 miles at a easy pace since it was a recovery day but I ended up running a 10k run instead, still cold outside but dry.

I am so pleased that I found out about this virtual run, It is Ā£30.00 but it’s fun and hopefully it will help keep me motivated, expecially since my mother and sisters have also signed up.

Progression Run

This was the first progrssion run that I have done.

It did take a while to get used to the very slow speeds but enjoyed the relaxing part of the run.

I was listening to my music while running which I always love.

I did love the last FAST RUN, probable the best part of the run, only 10 minutes so I did not get too knackered but long enough to feel I did a run.

The cooldown walk was VERY COOD!

Total time 35 minutes


EASY run at 13:00 minutes per mile for 10 minutes


MODERATE run at 10:10 minutes per mile for 10 minutes


FAST run at 8:50 minutes per mile for 10 minutes


RECOVER run at 20:00 minutes per mile for 5 minutes.

Fartlek Run

Today’s run was a 30 minute Fartlek run

I found it difficalt to keep to the speeds asked for so in the end I just ran hard (not sprint) when on FAST run and slower on RECOVERY run, I found it much easier than keep looking at my watch all the time.


Start off with a warmup run for 5 minutes at 14 minutes per mile

Then jog for 5 minutes at 11 minutes per mile

Fartlek interval 1:

FAST: 1 minute at 8:50 minutes per mile for 1 minute

RECOVER: 1 minute at 13:00 minutes per mile for 1 minute


Fartlet interval 2:

FAST: 1 minute at 8:50 minutes per mile for 2 minutes

RECOVER: 1 minute at 13:00 minutes per mile for 2 minutes

Fartlek interval 3:

FAST: 1 minute at 8:50 minutes per mile for 1 minute

RECOVER: 1 minute at 13:00 minutes per mile for 1 minute


Fartlek interval 4:

FAST: 1 minute at 8:50 minutes per mile for 2 minute

Cool down at 14:00 minutes per mile for 6 minutes

Short recovery run

Today was my recovery run day.

I started out with 30 minutes in mind but when I got to the end I had ran just over 2 1/2 miles and was still enjoying myself so I continued on to finish a 5k instead.

I think I got the speed right, they say it should be 2 min/mile slower than your usual pace so I almost managed it which is good.

Oh and for a change I will mention the dreaded WEATHER – Bloody hell it was cold, I might need a extra layer soon if it gets any colder, Great way to wake you up though šŸ™‚

The 2020 Farewell run – Done :)

Well I actually completed it. My legs were still a little aching from yesterday’sĀ run but today was Surges so plenty of recovery time

I started with a 5 minute warmup jog then 30 second run, 2 minute jog x 8 and finishing with a 5 minute cool down jog.

The weather was colder than yesterday but dry and still warm enough to run in shorts so on goes my music and off I go.

So all I have to do now is wait for my medal to arrive through the post and I will be a happy chappy.

Now what do I run tomorrow? It has to be a easy paced run to let my legs recover, Maybe a trail run would be fun.

I am still looking for a virtual run for January but not found one that interests me yet.

I have said it in a previousĀ post but



As it’s my birthday I wanted to celebrate with a run. I had no real plan in mind other than to see how I got on.

Even though it was cold outside I still wore shorts thinking that if it’s too cold I will just have to run faster, as it happened the temperature was perfect for running, I even got a picture of the full moon.

I ended up running 4 miles which for me was very good considering I have not been running for a while.

I have just signed up to a virtual run, It’s called “The Farewell Run”, Organized by “The Running Bug”, I can basically run any distance on the 31st December to see 2020 off.

Well it’s perfect timing considering I am back running tomorrow and it would be really fun way to see the year off with no presure on how many miles I run.

When I finish I upload the results and they send me a medal so pretty cool.

I just need to sort my running gear out now.


Well 2020 is almost over, I have not got my arse out the door in a month and the month before that was patchy šŸ˜¦

I think I have gained about 2 stone this year, All Marathons that I signed up for got cancelled due to covid which really hit my motivation and then I had to self isolate for 10 days so it’s been frustrating, When I am at working I find it much easier to keep to a routine with running and eating, When I am stuck at home I usually eat all the wrong stuff.

Well my isolation ends Wednesday, I plan to draw up a new training plan and hopefully stick to it, I train better when I have something to train towards, Virtual runs don’t feel the same but I think it will be my best option for now.

So I will get a few small runs in see this week off and then start training from Monday.